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Adminstrative Costs Of ODR Portal
Last Updated 3 years ago

BOTH registration and techno legal ODR services of ODR Portal are FREE.

ODR Portal is part of ODR India project of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) that is working to support and strengthen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of @SDGsPlus Initiative of P4LO like Access to Justice (A2J), strengthening of Rule of Law, affordable online legal aid to national and international stakeholders, etc. We have a SDGs Plus approach so we are covering extra miles to not only cover SDGs but also to protect and strengthen Human Rights globally.

If you come across any person, communication or claim demanding any money from you for registration or/and services of ODR Portal, please contact us immediately.

The only fees that we charge is the Administrative Fees that are clearly mentioned here. There are no hidden fees and what you see here is what you pay.

There may be two situations were Administrative Fees need to be calculated. These are:

(1) Amount Is Certain And Can Be Calculated: When the amount is certain and can be calculated, it is a straightforward case. You can see how much amount is involved and accordingly calculate the administrative fees on your own. Deposit the same and attach a payment confirmation file at the ODR Request creation page.

Our Administrative Fees, corresponding amount in question, are as follows:

(a) Up to Rs. 5000 (Five Thousand):                     Rs. 500 (Five Hundred Only)

(b) From Rs. 5000 to 10000 (Ten Thousand):         Rs 1000 (One Thousand Only)

(c) From Rs. 10000 to 15000 (Fifteen Thousand): Rs. 1500 (Fifteen Hundred Only)

(d) From Rs. 15000 to 20000 (Twenty Thousand): Rs. 2000 (Two Thousand Only)

(e) Above Rs. 20000:                                Please contact us for the quote.

All Administrative Fees are non refundable in nature except to the extent you have overpaid. For instance, if you were required to pay Rs.500 and you paid Rs. 1000 by mistake, we would refund Rs. 500. Similarly, if you were required to pay Rs. 1000 and you actually paid Rs. 500 we would ask you to deposit the remaining Rs. 500 before we take upon your ODR Request.

If you fail to deposit the deficient fees, your ODR Request would be canceled after 7 working days of its creation and the amount deposited would be forfeited by us.

If you create a new ODR Request within 30 days of original ODR Request for the same help topic, you would only be required to pay the deficient fee and your previous balance would be adjusted in your favour.

If you create a new ODR Request for a different help topic, you would be required to pay the entire administrative fees and no adjustment would be made by us.

In short, there is a minimum of Rs. 500 as Administrative Fee for all ODR Requests and no maximum Administrative Fees as it depends upon the amount/value involved.

(2) Amount Is Uncertain And Cannot Be Calculated: If you are not sure about the amount involved or if it cannot be calculated in tangible terms, contact us and we would specify the Administrative Fees for such a case.

In case of any doubt, we recommend to contact us in advance before depositing any fees.

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