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How To Make Payments To ODR India Website And ODR Portal
Last Updated 3 years ago

Everything about ODR India website and ODR Portal is about providing easy, quick, timely, affordable and secure online services. We have continued this tradition with our payment making options too.

We are in the process of adding multiple payments options so that no person is denied our affordable online techno legal services due to non availability of banking and other financial services. As this would be an ever growing list, it would be better if we list these options as soon as they are made operational at the ODR India website.

We are currently supporting the following online payment options:

(1) Stripe and Forminator based online cards (Debit/Credit cards) payments. Thanks to Stripe and WPMUDev for the same. You can make your online payments here,

(2) If for some reason a client cannot make an online payment, he/she/it can e-mail us and we would share our bank details with him/her/it,

(3) More options coming soon.

We have tried our level best so that you pay only as much as you are required to and not even a single rupee extra. To ensure that we have:

(a) Clearly mentioned our Administrative Fees. Registration at ODR Portal and its services are absolutely free to support global Access to Justice (A2J) objectives of SDGs of United Nations. There are no hidden costs or extra charges and clients must pay only Administrative Fees as mentioned at the ODR Portal,

(b) If by mistake a client has paid extra money, the same shall be either refunded or adjusted, as the case may be, as per the terms and conditions applicable to our Administrative Fees. Please see the same for more details. In any case, you cannot pay more than Rs. 2000 (Two Thousand) without first contacting us. So we have covered you from every aspect,

(c) We have predefined the Administrative Fees and the client has to just select the same. Once selected, it would be automatically populated in the amount column of your payment. You can change it any time before finally submitting the payment instructions to one of the options, subject to a maximum payment of Rs. 2000 (Two Thousand),

(d) All stakeholders in the payment cycle i.e. Stripe, Forminator, WordPress and ODR India website are secured by security protocols. All information and details are shared in a secured and encrypted manner and we do not share the details of any stakeholder with any person whatsoever except on a valid court order by Indian Court.

So enjoy free online techno legal ODR services of ODR India project in a safe, secure and user friendly manner. More features would be added soon. 

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