Resolve Your Cheque Bouncing Cases In India Within 3 Months

Cheque bouncing in an unpleasant event for both the issuer and the bearer of the cheque. If things are not sorted out properly after a bouncing episode, the end result may not be pleasant for both parties. The issuer has to face a lengthy and costly court case whereas the bearer has to bear additional cost and wastage of time to recover his money back.

As a result the parties to the dispute are tied up in a lengthy and costly legal proceeding that should not be there at the first place. This also causes unnecessary burden upon courts and as a result pendency of cases are increasing in India continuously.

This is where Visionary Praveen Dalal brought the historic and revolutionary concept of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) in India in 2004. Since then, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and PTLB have successfully tested and implemented various ODR, e-court and Telelaw initiatives.

For instance, ODR India was the first ODR project and initiative launched by P4LO and PTLB in 2004. It has been serving national and international stakeholders since 2004. Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) is another project of P4LO and PTLB that is also using technology to resolve global disputes.

We are working upon latest and open source technologies and software for both ODR India and RWL initiatives. Once they would be finally approved, existing websites would be rejuvenated and new ones would be launched. But till that time we have not left any stakeholder without a legal and judicial remedy.

ODR India Portal is providing exclusive techno legal and most extensive ODR services in the world. One of the services covered by ODR India Portal pertains to dispute resolution of cheque bouncing cases. It is resolving the same within 3 months and at a much lesser cost than the parties bear in the courts. So ODR India Portal not only provides an economical but also a timely remedy to the parties to the dispute.

It only takes two minutes to file an online cheque bouncing complaint/dispute at ODR India Portal once you are a registered member of the ODR India Portal. Registration is absolutely free for global stakeholders and we charge nominal cost as fees for our services so that ODR India Portal can continue to serve global stakeholders.

The fees is proportionate to the amount involved in question so that it always remains reasonable and affordable. We have provided different options for online fees payment so that dispute resolution seekers can find all solutions at a single place.

Once the cheque bouncing dispute is filed at the portal and requisite fee is paid, we guide the complainant and other parties to the dispute about the procedure involved and required documentation. We have kept the procedure, documentation and legal formalities to minimum so that efficiency and better end results can be achieved.

Once documentation is completed, we proceed in stages that are predefined so that the dispute is resolved in the time framework of 3 months. In exceptional cases, we allow further time of two months to meet the ends of justice. All extensions are explained by an order in writing with proper reasons and by keeping the parties to the dispute in confidence.

The final decision of ODR India Portal and its ODR Experts is binding upon the parties to the dispute and is enforceable in a court of law as an award. Enforcement of the award of ODR India Portal by the parties to the dispute is absolutely optional and discretionary and would be required in very exceptional cases only. So once the award is passed, the dispute will be settled for all practical purposes.

Access to Justice (A2J) and Justice for All cannot be achieved in a better manner than as done by ODR India Portal of P4LO and PTLB. If you are interested in this revolutionary and historic global initiative, you can join us as an ODR Expert. We welcome all the stakeholders and ODR Experts in advance.