Terms and Conditions

We would try to keep our Terms and conditions (T & C) as simple as possible. Till the time we provide complete and details T & C, please see the following:

(1) Privacy Policy,

(2) ODR Portal T & C,

(3) ODR India T & C,

(4) ODR Payment T & C, etc.

The ODR India Connect Portal is intended for and available to only our:

(a) Investors,

(b) Collaborators,

(c) ODR Experts,

(d) TeleLaw Experts,

(e) Clients,

(f) ODR India Team Members, and

(g) Such other individuals as may be pre-approved by ODR India or its Administrators.

Before registering at ODR India Connect Portal, please make it sure you fall in any of the categories as mentioed from (a) to (g). A failure to ensure this condition would result in rejecting your registration and in appropriate cases even blocking such registrant(s).

These T & C and Privacy Policy would govern the relationship between ODR India Portal and various stakeholders.

By using the ODR India or ODR Portal, you agree to these T & C and the T & C that we would amend from time to time in future.