Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace

Technology has changed the way we do our national and international dealings and transactions. This has also given rise to complicated Conflict Of Laws In Cyberspace that are very difficult to manage. There are very few Law Firms and Lawyers in the world who can manage these complicated issues and Perry4Law has two decades of Techno Legal experience in this regard. Follow our Twitter handle, YouTube Channel and Company Page at LinkedIn in this regard.

Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) was established in the year 2002 by Visionary Praveen Dalal. He launched the world´s first virtual and techno legal law firm named Perry4Law Law Firm in 2002. Subsequently, many great online ventures were launched by him from time to time. Clearly, he is two decades ahead of his contemporary fellows as none dared to do something online way back in 2002 in fields like Law, Education, Skills Development, Online Legal Internship and Training, etc.

Conflict of Laws in Cyberspace was taken up by P4LO in 2014 and since then we have been working upon and developing this field. This blog is the latest attempt to simplify and modify this field so that everything can be handled from ODR India Portal and all disputes can be resolved within 3 months of lodging the same with ODR Portal.

This Techno Legal initiative is covering fields like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Cyber Forensics, Digital Evidencing, Digital India Law, Domicile, Inheritance Tax, International Law Enforcement Cooperation, Crypto Assets, Crypto Currencies, NFTs, Social Media Portals, Internet Intermediaries, E-Gaming, Online Pharmacies, Space Law, Telecommunication, International Treaties, Online Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Sovereignty, etc. The list is just illustrative and not exhaustive as many more fields are also covered by this blog and other initiatives of P4LO.