ODR Empanelment

ODR Portal of ODR India is the leading techno legal online dispute resolution (ODR) provider of the world. It has established itself as the leading ODR provider of the world and has a reputation that is known and respected by global stakeholders.

Arbitrators, Lawyers, Mediators, Conciliators, ODR experts, Neutrals, etc that wish to work in association with ODR India may empanel with us. Interested professionals must download the relevant form and submit it to ODR India with prescribed fees. The empanelment would be for minimum of one year (1) and maximum of five (5) years. The empanelment may be renewed at the discretion of ODR India. The requisite Performa for Individuals can be downloaded from “Here” (Doc). The Firms, Companies, Institutions, etc can download the Performa from “Here” (Doc).

Please see this for more details. Names of empaneled ODR Experts would be displayed at this portal and such other places as we may deem necessary.

If you need any training to be an ODR Expert and to act at our ODR Portal, we would provide the same free of cost to you if you are enrolled. So this is a wonderful opportunity for young lawyers who wish to be associated with the exclusive techno legal ODR Portal of the world.