ODR Portal

ODR Portal of ODR India project is a place were techno legal online dispute resolution (ODR) services are provided to national and international stakeholders either at a concessional rate or free of cost. The aim of ODR Portal is to provide access to justice (A2J) and justice for all right at their doorsteps. ODR Portal also aims at providing expeditious services so that disputes, grievances, complaints, etc can be resolved in a time bound manner.

Continuing our long tradition and practice of providing A2J and affordable online legal aid, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has relaunched its ODR Portal in a rejuvenated state. We have used the same tested and tried technology and tool that we have been using so far, i.e. osTicket software. But we have customised the same and are in the process of adding more features, functionalities, plugins, etc to the same.

We have three different techno legal ODR projects and each is carrying out a different role and function. ODR India and ODR Portal are working to streamline A2J, Rule of Law and affordable online legal aid in India and other jurisdictions. We have been doing this for almost a decade but the year 2021 has brought new and complicated challenges for national and international stakeholders. For instance, social media companies and internet intermediaries having an Indian connection/user base are now required to handle grievances, disputes and complaints of Indian stakeholders. Nothing is better than ODR Portal to manage the same on behalf of such social media companies and internet intermediaries. If you need our techno legal services, please contact us and we would guide you through the procedure and related fees structure.

We are currently adding the FAQs, knowledge base, training modules, etc at the ODR Portal and ODR India website. This would help new stakeholders to avail our techno legal services in a hassle free and user friendly manner.

We have set a very stringent policy for spammers, non serious people and those who fail to comply with even the basic requirements and rules that are necessary to follow to avail our services. To get best results, approach us at the very first instance without exhausting your options and tell us in advance about the options that you have already used to resolve your grievances and disputes. Exploring an option or remedy without proper approach is a waste of that opportunity and also our time to follow the same again. We would not entertain such ODR Requests as that would take away our time for more deserving candidates. Non disclosure of options already explored would also ban a person from our services as we would block such person from all our services.

We look forward to help you in resolving your grievances and disputes and in order to prevent spam and overcrowding of our portal with frivolous ODR Requests, we would charge a one time nominal fee towards administrative costs of our portal. As said earlier, our techno legal ODR services would be either highly concessional or free of cost for marginalised and poor segments. More details would be shared in the FAQs segment of ODR Portal.