ODR Skills Development

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) is a wonderful and bright career to pursue. It is meant for people who have a strong desire to ensure Access to Justice (A2J), Rule of Law and Justice for All.

From a commercial perspective too, being an ODR Professional is very remunerative and highly paid job. It is a respectable job as well as nothing is more satisfying and appreciated that amicable resolution of disputes of various parties. You earn handsome money and get respect of satisfied parties. These parties are now your future clients too.

Now the natural question is how to become an ODR Professional? We have covered you from that perspective too. We at ODR India and PTLB are providing techno legal online Training and Skills Development in the field of ODR. In fact, our virtual schools like STREAMI Virtual School have been helping K12 kids to become ODR Experts from the school level itself. We have dedicated Techno Legal online skills development portals for all our projects from K12 to lifelong learning stages.

Once an individual has successfully completed his/her training and skills development course, we would enlist him/her as an ODR Expert at our ODR India Connect Portal, if he/she so desires. It is a global platform where best ODR Experts are discussing about various aspects of ODR. Assignments, tasks, jobs, etc are also posted there for ODR Experts to manage.

If you believe that you are already a qualified ODR Expert, you can empanel as an ODR Expert at ODR India Connect and ODR Portal. The procedure and formalities to enroll as an ODR Expert have been prescribed here. So whether through our training and skills development course or through direct enrollment, you can become part of a global portal that has no limits and can transform your future and career.

See ODR Skills Development and Training Portal of ODR India Portal for more details.