Contract Management

ODR Portal has been created with a goal to provide comprehensive and holistic techno legal services at a single place. That is why it has world class and exclusive features like TeleLaw, online dispute resolution (ODR), e-courts, live chat, video conferencing, help forms, etc that are not available at any other portal of the world.

In short, from conception of an idea to its final outcome to any possible problems and disputes, ODR Portal covers everything. Some problems can be managed if we have a clear and unambiguous contract between the parties. Of course, this may apply to civil cases only and that too to a very limited extent and other fields would see disputes and offenses even if everything is perfect. A society devoid of dispute and dispute resolution cannot exist and that is a dream futile to chase. We should minimise disputes and then resolve them expeditiously outside the court within a time limit of 3 months. All these things are done at ODR Portal and that is why it is your best legal buddy and LegalTech companion.

So to be absolutely safe and secure you need not to use any technology but be part of ODR Portal from the very beginning. We can help you to provide you with best legal contracts that would minimise all frictions and possible disputes. By incorporating an ODR Clause of the ODR Portal, it would be ensured that no party would be dragged to expensive, time consuming and troublesome litigation but any potential dispute would be resolved by ODR Portal within a time framework of 3 months.

A bigger and more comprehensive version of ODR Portal would be launched by Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) in 2022 once the stakeholders are accustomed with the concept and use of ODR and related techno legal services of P4LO. Both ODR Portals would run and work simultaneously with the help of growing numbers of ODR Experts at these portals.

Join us for the biggest techno legal revolution of human history and become part of the ODR Portal and we would help you for your contract management from inception to its continued existence. From drafting of contracts to their legal vetting to their amendments and modification, we would cover all stages. A contract drafted and vetted by ODR Portal could save you lots of time, money and troubles as it would be managed by world class techno legal professionals having more than 2 decades of experience.

If you are smart and wish to focus upon your business and profession instead of running to the courts, contact ODR Portal today and become part of it. There is no other LegalTech and TechLaw solution in the world like ODR Portal that is an asset worth keeping in your business portfolio.