How To Enroll As An ODR Panelist And Expert For ODR Portal Of ODR India

Online dispute resolution (ODR) has finally found acceptance at global level but we still need many ODR experts at national and global levels. We need to train professionals to become good ODR experts so that ODR can be widely used at global level. There may be ADR professionals who are already well versed in ODR but they may be needing training and skills development too. This is so because contemporary and future legal fields have drastically changed and more technology oriented changes are expected in near future. We at PTLB and ODR India take care of ODR training and skills development needs of global stakeholders and professionals using our online training and skills development portals.

We at ODR India intend to make India a hub for Institutionalised Arbitration and Institutionalised ODR destination and we have been continuously working in this regard, We have also created the exclusive and dedicate social media portal of the world for ODR professionals and ODR stakeholders named ODR India Connect so that we can better manage all investment and collaborative proposals and initiatives.

ODR India is currently in talks with national and international organisations to facilitate and encourage use of technology dispute resolutions and ODR in India and world wide. ODR India is looking forward to active national and international collaborations in this regard.We would be needing a team of ODR experts in diverse techno legal fields. This is the reason why we have started an ODR empanellment drive where professionals from different fields can apply to act as ODR Experts at ODR India portal.

Before seeking enrollment at ODR Portal as an ODR Expert, please note that we are not aiming for something that is basic as with almost 20 years of unique techno legal experience that would not be the right strategy. If you are a 21st century lawyer or professional, you are the right person for this job. We believe that our present and future ODR Experts would also agree with us on this point.

Arbitrators, Lawyers, Mediators, Conciliators, ODR experts, Neutrals, etc that wish to work in association with ODR India and PTLB may empanel with us. Interested professionals must download the relevant form and submit it to ODR India with prescribed fees. The empanelment would be for minimum of one year (1) and maximum of five (5) years. The empanelment may be renewed at the discretion of ODR India and PTLB. The requisite Performa for Individuals can be downloaded from “Here” (Doc). The Firms, Companies, Institutions, etc can download the Performa from “Here” (Doc).

Please note that we maintain a “Seniority List” of our Panelists based on the first year of enrollment with us. We may only be able to accomodate limited number of Panelists for our present ODR India project. We would close the empanellment procedure once required number of Panelists are enrolled. Senior Panelists have certain advantages as compared to junior members that would be discussed by us in our subsequent posts.

We welcome all who are eligible to join our portal and wish all the best to those who may be eligible in future as no ODR professional would be left by us ultimately. We would accomodate them in another ODR project of PTLB in future. We can also train you to become an ODR Expert at ODR India portal. Enroll as an ODR Expert and we would provide you with free online training and skills development to make you a techno legal ODR Expert.

We hope this article would be helpful to all national and international ADR/ODR professionals who are interested in joining our portal as ODR Experts. If you have any query or suggestion, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your interest in our ODR projects.