ODR India Portal Is Rejuvenated With Latest Technologies And Tools

Disputes resolution is one of the major tasks of a government, company or even a social media network. Without a robust, effective and expeditious dispute resolution mechanism, no nation can grow as the productive resources of a nation would be diverted towards prolonged dispute resolution processes. That is why online dispute resolution (ODR) can be used as a panacea for traditional disputes in our contemporary times.

As per Techno Legal Centre Of Excellence For Online Dispute Resolution In India (TLCEODRI), online dispute resolution (ODR) is a new form of dispute resolution mechanism that relies upon and uses technology as a core tool. The best part is that ODR does not require expensive tools, software or technologies and even a simple ticket system can be used for ODR purposes. Of course, as the stake increases, so must be the use of sophisticated technologies so that authenticity, confidentiality and veracity of the procedure and final outcome of ODR can be produced and proved in a binding and conclusive manner.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic our ODR India portal was resolving grievances of Indian stakeholders from every sphere of social life in India. But our hosting provider faced some technical and legal issues and our ODR India portal was struck in that process. With the help of Nixi, Registry In and its dedicated team and associates, we were able to unlock our domain name odrindia.in and shift it to another hosting provider HIOX India that is providing pretty good services.

We lost articles and some data from our old website but we considered this loss as an opportunity to build something even better. We have a data backup that can be used whenever required. We did a good and holistic research in this regard and bifurcated our techno legal ODR services and research and development into three different projects. ODR India portal would now help Indian stakeholders once again to redress their grievances and issues using ODR.

As we had a chance to rejuvenate our old ODR India portal, we chalked out a strategy for the same. We organised and launched few of our techno legal center of excellence (CoE) and each picked up a dedicated techno legal segment. TLCEODRI decided to support both ODR India and Resolve Without Litigation (RWL) projects of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO). Both these projects have been successfully incubated under the TLCEODRI so that latest technologies and tools can be added to them by TLCEODRI and other CoEs.

We always believe in simplicity and ease of use for the intended stakeholders. So all that is required to avail our techno legal services is to send us an e-mail. Our Twitter handles can also be approached to contact us, just like in the past. You can chat with us at our TeleLaw blog. Audio and video conferencing options are also available to stakeholders who need them. Our WhatsApp number can also be used by authorised stakeholders to leave us a message on 24×7 basis. We have just two rules for any uninvited or spam communication. Either ignore it or block it, depending upon the severity of the violation. Follow all our rules and guidelines with all sincerity or do not contact us at all.

Besides these options, you would also have an option to directly create an ODR Request at our ODR portal that we would soon launch at this website. Our aim is to provide access to justice (A2J) and justice for all, right at their door steps. But to get best results, approach us at the very first instance rather than contacting us after exhausting all the remedies. That is a duplication of efforts and usually brings nil result. You are required to clearly mention what remedies you have already availed of so that we need not to explore them again. Non following of this rule may result in blocking of you at Twitter and our other services, including ODR India portal.

If you need any particular feature or tool to be added at ODR India portals, please contact us in this regard. We also invite suggestions from various stakeholders to make ODR portal more user friendly and widely available. We look forward to serve you and protect your interests in best possible manner.