ODR Portal Of ODR India Project Is Now Available To Global Stakeholders

Online dispute resolution (ODR) is a concept that is widely accepted and adopted these days and it is the future of dispute resolution. It is not the case that ODR has become popular all of a sudden. It took more than a decade for global stakeholders to make ODR popular. We at Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) have been working upon ODR since 2014 and it is only now that India has shown interest in the same. Nevertheless, we at P4LO welcome this show of interest by Indian Govt as a new beginning has taken place.

With this new interest also came novel challenges and situations for which world at large is not ready. As far as India is concerned, India is witnessing a technology explosion and social media has become a major concern for Indian Govt and Supreme Court. What is most interesting is the formulation of Internet Intermediary Guidelines 2021 (Pdf) by Indian Govt. It has brought back a stringent cyber law due diligence requirements on the part of Internet Intermediaries like social media companies, tech companies, online news portals, search engines, etc. The list is endless as the definition of Internet Intermediaries is not only very wide but also inclusive in nature.

To meet such a challenging task, ODR India portal was relaunched in a rejuvenated manner. We explored multiple technologies and tools (mostly open source) so that ODR can become an easily approachable and usable option. And the final product of our two decades of techno legal research and expertise is the new ODR Portal of ODR India website. It is now fully functional and it can be used by both national and international stakeholders alike. While we are adding more features and tools to it, yet stakeholders can start using it right now.

ODR India project of Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) is furthering the aims of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of United Nations. Among other aspects, ODR India project is working to ensure Access to Justice (A2J) and Justice for All. It is also working to strengthen Rule of Law in India while pushing for transparency in government functioning. Grievances and disputes are rampant in govt and private spheres and ODR India project aims to manage and reduce the same using the ODR Portal.

ODR Portal is strengthening A2J and Justice for All by not only providing a free registration at the portal but even the techno legal ODR services of ODR Portal are absolutely free. We only charge a nominal Administrative Fees towards maintenance of the portal and nothing else. There are no hidden costs or fees for using our ODR Portal. At the same time to manage our server and hosting costs and to reduce spam and frivolous ODR Requests, we have specified very nominal Administrative Fees. This would ensure committed and dedicated ODR services to those who are serious in resolving their disputes using our ODR Portal.

The procedure to use techno legal ODR services of ODR Portal is very simple. The same is as follows:

(a) Register at the ODR Portal,

(b) Calculate the Administrative Fees that should be a maximum of Rs. 2000 (Two Thousand Only) for most stakeholders as the amount in question may be up to Rs. 20000 (Twenty Thousand Only). If the amount in question is more than Rs. 20000, stakeholders are required to contact us to know the Administrative Fees,

(c) Pay the required Administrative Fees as per the amount involved. Our payment gateway is available here. You can also e-mail us for our bank details and we would share the same to our registered users. Keep a record of such payment as either a pdf or image file,

(d) Keep a copy of your govt recognised identity ready in the form of a pdf or image file. We support multiple identity documents and there is no restriction of demanding a particular id document,

(e) Now log into your account at ODR Portal and fill in the details in each column and upload mandatory files like payment proof and identity proof and then click upon Create ODR Request button.

This would create your ODR Request at our portal and we would follow up with you and the concerned stakeholders using our ODR Portal.

You can check the status of your ODR Request by either login into ODR Portal or using this link. If you have lost the ODR Request number, please contact us with all details. If you have lost control of your e-mail, please create a new account with new e-mail id.

ODR Portal is a powerful tool in the hands of national and global stakeholders to resolve their grievances, disputes, complaints, etc using ODR. So what are you waiting for, lodge your ODR Request today.