How To Report A Cyber Crime Or File An Online Cyber Crime Complaint In India

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Becoming a cyber crime victim is really frustrating as it brings additional misery of non-remedy of the same in most cases. If we exclude the low hanging fruits concept, most of the cyber crimes, especially the sophisticated ones, are next to impossible to be reported in India.

Indian govt has launched a cyber crimes reporting portal but its utility and impact is very limited. Even for simple cyber crimes, it is next to impossible to get any remedy from it. Not only it allows selective cases of complaints to be filed but even those complaints and cases are not pursued in majority of cases.

Naturally, Indians have very limited options at both judicial and legal side and that is why techno legal methods can help here. For instance, the online dispute resolution (ODR) portal of Perry4Law Organisation is the only techno legal portal of the world that is handling and resolving cyber crimes in 3 months.

So instead of wasting your time on highly bureaucratic process of Indian govt and its portals, simply file your complaint at the ODR portal of Perry4Law Organisation at ODR India Portal ( That way you would get a time bound remedy without the normal frustration that Indians normally face in this regard.