Streami Virtual School Is The Exclusive School Of The World That Is Teaching Cyber Law To School Students

Streami Virtual School is not only the first virtual school of India but it is also the first virtual school of the world that is teaching cyber law to school students. Streami is developing techno legal skills of school students and cyber law is one of the subjects that is taught there.

The first cyber law course for school students was created by Streami Virtual School in the year 2019 and since then we are continuously updating and upgrading the same. We are in the process of upgrading and rejuvenating the websites of PTLB Virtual School and Streami Virtual School and they would be launched at appropriate time.

Keeping in mind the age and orientation for school students, we have kept our skills development course of cyber law easy to understand and implement. We are teaching school kids how to fight back online criminals and predators and how to report them to appropriate authorities for necessary action.

We are also teaching them how to manage online harassment and cyber bullying at school and other places. These acts result in serious repercussions upon the mental and physical health of children and we are helping them to handle the same in a healthy and legal manner.

We have seen positive results among children who have undergone this cyber law skills development course and they have become more mature and are now capable of better handling the dangers of online presence. We hope to do the same for other children too and very soon we would be doing so at global level.