ODR Is The Future Of Global Dispute Resolution Says Visionary Praveen Dalal

Dispute resolution is a complicated, costly and time consuming process and it is not suitable for all disputes. Nevertheless, litigants have little choice regarding the same as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods like arbitration have proved equally time consuming and unproductive in India.

Technology can play a big role in ensuring access to justice and justice for all but there is a lack of political will to use the same. For instance, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) introduced online dispute resolution (ODR) in India in 2004 but Indian govt failed to adopt the model even in September 2022. Clearly, law and political will is always behind technological revolution.

We at P4LO and PTLB are working hard to make India a global ODR hub as ODR is the future of global dispute resolution says Visionary Praveen Dalal. ODR Portal of India is now world renowned in ODR and dispute resolution field and it is providing the most extensive techno legal ODR services in the world.

Filing a dispute resolution request at ODR Portal of P4LO and PTLB only takes 2 minutes and it is as simple as filing an online form. We have adopted a super simple and easy to use model so that end users do not find it difficult to use. On top of that, we provide 24×7 customer support using multiple and diverse methods.

National and international stakeholders must adopt a proactive approach towards ODR as it offers tremendous advantages and benefits. It seems they are waiting for something to happen before they would adopt ODR for their internal and external disputes resolution.

ODR Portal of India has been designed in such a manner that it can be used by almost all stakeholders. For instance, social media companies and Internet intermediaries can use the ODR Portal of P4LO and PTLB for handling and managing grievances, disputes and complaints in India and world wide. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when we have already put in place an entire vehicle for dispute resolution. Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc can easily manage their Internet intermediary due diligence and other legal requirements in India by simply using the ODR Portal of P4LO and PTLB.

We have almost two decades of techno legal experience in ODR field that no other ODR portal or institution of the world possess. That is why we are comfortably resolving grievances/disputes in fields like cyber law, cyber security, cloud computing, privacy violation, data breaches and data protection, artificial intelligence, machine learning, e-games, intellectual property rights violations, etc. It would be a good idea to incorporate the ODR model of P4LO and PTLB in your day to day business functioning.