Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) In India

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) was started in India in the year 2004 by Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) and it has been rejuvenated and improved from time to time since then.

Just like other techno legal projects and initiatives of P4LO, ODR also proved another initiative that was two decades ahead of its time. Even in 2022, Indian govt has not been able to effectively use ODR for various purposes.

But ODR Portal of India is still there in 2022 to handle disputes of global stakeholders. It is the most extensive ODR Portal of the world as it covers both traditional and contemporary legal fields for dispute resolution.

From simple family matters to complicated techno legal issues of cyberspace, ODR Portal of India handles all sorts of disputes globally. We would cover each branch of dispute resolution separately but for the time being it is sufficient to say that ODR India Portal is the best possible alternative for traditional courts around the world.

For instance, ODR India is the only portal of the world that can be used by social media websites and their users alike. The social media websites can use the ODR India Portal for resolving disputes and grievances of their users whereas the users can use the ODR India Portal for lodging grievances and disputes and getting them resolved within 3 months.

It is a win-win situation for both social media companies and their users and our two decades of techno legal expertise would ensure justice for all.

It is a common misbelief that ODR needs shiny and sophisticated technologies to operate. This is not true and we at P4LO and ODR India Portal have proved this wrong many times. Even a simple e-mail exchange can be used to resolve disputes online.

We always use open source and simple technologies so that end users can use it with comfort. Filing an ODR dispute at the ODR India Portal hardly takes two minutes and it is as simple as filing an online form. We also provide 24×7 support to our users so that any issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

Think about a global portal that can be used by global stakeholders for almost all sorts of disputes and that are resolved within 3 months of institution of the complaint/grievance/dispute. This is the gift of P4LO to the whole world.

Use Of ODR For E-Commerce Dispute Resolution In India

India is fast becoming a good market for e-commerce and online business. However, India is also facing many techno legal challenges that need to be resolved on priority basis. For instance, consumer protection in India is very poor and e-commerce portals are a big ground for consumer disputes in India.

Dispute resolution at e-commerce portals, whether govt or private, is not at all satisfactory. These portals are manned by inexperienced and inefficient people and as a result consumer disputes are rarely resolved to the satisfaction of the consumers and customers in India.

Customer support and grievance redressal officials of these e-commerce portals are not even in a position to understand the problems of Indian consumers and customers and their actual redressal is a big challenge. Defective and fake products, poor delivery infrastructure, bad refund policies, untimely payment of the refund amounts or wrongfully charged money, etc are some of the common problems in India.

E-commerce portals in India are also internet intermediaries as per the provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000 that is the cyber law of India. As internet intermediaries, e-commerce portals are required to appoint grievance redressal and nodal officers in India to handle consumer and customer complaints and grievances. Anybody who has dealt with these appointed individuals can tell you that these appointments are just formality to satisfy the mandates of IT Act, 2000 and its Rules so that these portals are not punished.

So far the e-commerce portals, internet intermediaries and social media portals have taken both Indian laws and Indian govt very lightly. A consumer who has faced any hardship does not get any relief either at the portal or at the govt offices. Such a consumer or customer is at the mercy of traditional justice delivery systems that are time consuming, costly and ineffective.

But ODR India Portal of Visionary Praveen Dalal has digitally empowered Indian consumers and customers in a manner that no other person, institution or even Indian govt can match. Both e-commerce portals and their customers can use the portal to resolve their grievances, disputes and complaints. We resolve all disputes, complaints and grievances within a maximum period of 3 month and at very affordable cost.

The entire dispute resolution process is online and it hardly takes 2 minute to lodge a grievance, dispute or complaint at the ODR India Portal. We manage all documentation and formalities after the initial filing and we guide the parties to the dispute at every stage. We resolve all disputes as soon as possible and within a maximum period of 3 month. In exceptional cases and to meet the end of justice, we extend that period for another 2 month after recording the reason to do so in writing.

E-commerce stakeholders can use the ODR India Portal in multiple ways. Firstly, our partner e-commerce portals can directly and effectively use the ODR India Portal by simply making the ODR Portal a primary dispute resolution mechanism. ODR India Portal can also supplement the existing dispute resolution mechanism of our partner e-commerce portals and can act as an impartial appellate authority for its decisions. This would ensure justice and fairness for all e-commerce stakeholders in India.

Secondly, e-commerce stakeholders can use the ODR Clause of ODR India Portal any time and this would trigger the dispute resolution process of ODR India Portal. They can use multiple methods to activate that ODR Clause and we have provided many options to the e-commerce stakeholders to do so.

Thirdly, Consumer Protection in India has been super charged by ODR India Portal by ensuring their digital empowerment. Even if the e-commerce portal is not willing to be judged by the best techno legal professionals and experts of ODR India Portal, this does not forbid us from initiating the process. All that is needed is filing of a grievance, complaint or dispute by the aggrieved consumer or customer and ODR India Portal would start the process and coordinate with the e-commerce portal. This would resolve the issues in almost all cases.

Fourthly, there is nothing that forbids us to take up your issue and matter with the concerned e-commerce portal on the legal and judicial sides. We would use the laws of India to ensure appropriate remedy and justice to the aggrieved customer or consumer of e-commerce portals. We can send legal notices, provide legal consultancies, extend TeleLaw support, file a court case, coordinate with other lawyers to file a case on your behalf, etc. So there are unlimited options available to the aggrieved consumer or customer under the ODR India Portal.

We have extraordinary presence upon Twitter in order to ensure Access To Justice (A2J) and Justice For All and we do not take civil liberties and rights violations lightly. E-commerce portals, internet intermediaries, social media portals, etc found guilty of violating Indian laws or rights of Indians would be confronted by us at Twitter as well.

We believe in a responsible, accountable and transparent e-commerce environment and ecosystem in India and ODR India Portal would be its foundation. Let us together make India a global hub for e-commerce and online services.